[ wCTF #3 Quals ] Reverse100 Life is Short [Write-up]

Description: Get the Secret code Flag format: wctf{SECRET_CODE} Attachment: rev100.py Solver:  Bellal Mustapha Link: https://pastebin.com/WvxKg3Wu

[ MCTF 2k17 ] Reverse300 Secret Project [ Write-up]

Description: Yesterday Bill was murdered , we know from his friend that he was working on a secret project but nobody knows what is it (thats why its secret xD ) the police did some forensics and found this interesting file , but they couldn’t go deeper. Can you ? Solver: youben11 Link: https://github.com/youben11/MCTF-2017/blob/master/Secret_project.md

[ wCTF #2 ] Steg50 Pixels [Write-up]

Author: 0x13A0F The title was “Pixels” So someone could think the flag is in the picture’s LSB , when using for example stegsolve we can extract LSBs but it seems there is nothing hidden We also provided a hint “GB not LSB” we were wrong , there nothing in the LSBs , so why the…

[ wCTF #2 ] Steg100 HiddenImage [ Write-Up]

Author: 0x13A0F In this image (hidden.png) we have to find the hidden message (the flag) trying with strings , nothing useful maybe lsb ? using stegsolve apparently there is nothing In the png metadata ? Nope So what ? lets analyse the image with binwalk $ binwalk hidden.png DECIMAL HEX DESCRIPTION ———————————————————————————– 0 0x0 PNG…

[ SCIA 2016 ] Reverse150 Reverseme [ Write-up]

Solver : Mimo-0xc001 Category: Reverse https://github.com/Mimo-0xC001/SICA_RE-150_Write-up/blob/master/README.md

[ wCTF #3 Quals ] Crypto100 RSA [Write-up]

Author: Brahimi Zakaria Source: https://brahimizakaria.blogspot.com/2016/07/wctf3-crypto-100-rsa-encryption.html After downloading the compressed file (here) and having it extracted, we find two files named : ‘public.key’ (which contain the public key of the rsa keypair) and ‘flag.crypted’ (which contain the flag encrypted). The task is clear, we have to recover the private key to get the flag. Let’s begin…

[ wCTF #3 Quals ] Web50 PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY [Write-up]

Author: Jack Description The idea is to provide the source code of the webpage written in PHP. There will be a text area. The challenger has to fill in a certain value in order to bypass it. With the title as hint, the challenger should look up the PHP docs in order to understand what’s…